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moto g⁶ - Android smartphone | motorola CA

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moto g6 - View Software Version

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Specifications SIZE 6. Dual cameras: This smartphone features dual rear cameras, plus advanced photo software, to take your pictures to the next level. Monthly phone payments with. No contract.

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As a refresher, here are the important Android Q features so far 5G is here, and Google is ready Just like foldables, 5G is already here, holding the promise for exceptionally-fast data speeds and super-low latency. This is why it comes as no surprise that Android Q will support 5G natively. With more than 20 mobile carriers around the world launching 5G phones in , Android will be at the forefront of the 5G revolution that's coming.

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Live Captions A small, but rather cool new feature will provide any video with live captions in real time, allowing you to understand what's happening if your phone is muted or if you are hard of hearing. This rather cool feature will be available with any video, no matter if it's web content or a video shot during your vacation in Costa Rica. The captions themselves can be expanded, contracted, and moved around whenever you want on your screen. The features is systemThe best part?

Live captions will be generated completely on the device, with no data being processed on Google's servers.

moto g6 (XTDL)|StraightTalk

Live Captions will be available on Android devices later this year. It's scoring smart replies that will suggest contextually-aware replies and even emoji straight in your notifications. Additionally, you Smart Reply will be suggesting relevant actions: if someone sends you an address, a context-friendly Google Maps button will pop up, allowing you to directly launch Google Maps with the address in the forefront. A rather useful small feature that will save you some time here and there.

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The feature will work with any messaging app you might be using. The feature will make use of on-device learning and wouldn't process data on Google's servers.

Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play top features and prices

Suggested Actions in After years of lamentations and clamoring, Android fans are finally getting a native dark mode in stock Android - Q will let you enjoy a system-wide dark theme by either hitting the respective quick tile in your notifications bar or by enabling the battery saver function.

Noteworthy privacy-centric improvements include enhanced location sharing, which now lets you share your location for as long as you're using a certain app, and automatically stop as soon as you exit the app. This is rather similar to iOS' take on location sharing, and is a great peace-of-mind feature to have. Seamless background updates With Q, Google will allow certain elements of Android to update themselves in the background as soon as the respective update is available, much like Android apps unobtrusively do that.

All the latest the latest security fixes, privacy enhancements, and consistency improvements will be arriving to your phone without requiring a reboot, which is a user-friendly undertaking that we applaud. This would offload some of the more important updates to Google and away from Android manufacturers, which are usually notoriously slow to push out the respective updates to their Phones.

Digital wellbeing and parental controls Digital wellbeing is getting improved with Android Q. A new mini feature, called Focus Mode, will let you identify distracting apps and mute any notifications stemming from them as long as Focus mode is on. This way, you can unwind on useless emails and mute the promotional notifications of that mobile game you're clearly a fan of.