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Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices

See more News. Google Videos. Critic Rating: - User: 4. Critic Rating: 3. From around the web. Recommended By Colombia. From Around the Web. Powered By. Other Mobiles latest trending. Give Google Docs a distraction-free An interesting Inbox-like delivery A Chrome security setting you shouldn't Show More. Pixel feature 1: Smart Storage Our first hidden Pixel feature fits perfectly into that "small touch with a significant impact" narrative. How to find it To set up and start up Smart Storage, open your Pixel phone's system settings and head into the Storage section.

JR Since the items are all backed up to Google Photos, anyway, it really doesn't make any difference which option you select. How to find it Anyone can download Google Lens and use it as a standalone app, but on your Pixel phone, you can get to Lens right from your device's camera. JR To get the full Lens experience, though, what you'll do is touch and hold your finger to the viewfinder area — the big, open space where the image appears. JR Depending on what's present, Lens might offer to help you add the information as a contact, email an address mentioned on the material, or open a website listed on the document.

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JR Pretty darn handy, I'd say. Pixel feature 3: Driving mode I don't think I have to tell you that looking at your phone while driving is an awful idea.

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How to find it On a Pixel 3 or higher, open the Connection Devices section of your system settings, then tap "Connection preferences" followed by "Driving mode. JR Once the feature's enabled, you can go back into that same area of your settings to configure how it works. JR If you have a Pixel 2, you can set up something similar by going into the Sound section of your system settings and selecting "Do Not Disturb" followed by "Schedules.

The first-gen Pixel, unfortunately, doesn't have this feature. Pixel feature 4: Fast camera flipping Let's tackle a couple convenient camera shortcuts next — because if there's one time when saving steps is always helpful, it's when you're trying to capture a shot of a fleeting moment.

How to find it This one's easy as can be: Once your camera is open, just twist your wrist twice to flip between the front and rear cameras. It's just like the twisting gesture introduced by Motorola years ago — and once you get the motion down, there's really nothing to it: JR So to open your camera and switch quickly to the front-facing view, then, you'd simply tap your power button twice and then flick your wrist twice — something that's both speedy and easy to do with a single hand, even when you're walking while loaded down with a bag of potatoes or whatever is it you carry at your place of business.

Practice it now, then do it without a single thought the next time the need arises. How to find it The trick to this one is simply to open your camera and then press and hold the big shutter button — the same button you'd press to take a picture. JR On the Pixel 3 and higher, you'll also see an option for "recommended shots" — the specific stills that Google's all-knowing algorithm identifies as being the best of the bunch. JR This one clearly gets a thumbs up from me. Related: Android Smartphones Google.

Android Intelligence Advice. How to make the most of your Pixel's new features. Give Google Docs a distraction-free upgrade. Currently reading.

Remotely lock and track a lost phone

The minute Android tune-up. The secret to smarter package tracking on Android. An interesting Inbox-like delivery option for Gmail.

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A Chrome security setting you shouldn't overlook. The smarter way to capture screenshots in Chrome. A simple way to supercharge Gmail snoozing. The smarter way to organize travel on Android. Gmail, G-meh: 4 alternative Android email apps, evaluated. The creator of Inbox has redesigned Gmail — and it's amazing.

Just in time: How to bring the Inbox interface into Gmail. Android dark mode today: 15 apps with out-of-the-way A time-saving typing tool that works anywhere in Chrome. What happened to battery stats in Android Pie? How to make Gmail's desktop interface infinitely better. Take a deep breath and use Android's built-in tools to track down your phone.

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 adds App-Preferred Frame Rate support, Resume on Reboot, more

It happens in the blink of an eye. You put your phone down on a counter at the cash register or feel a slight bump as you get off the subway, only to later realize your phone is gone. Regardless of how you lose it, be it theft or a simple mistake, losing your phone is a stressful experience. Not only does it cut off your access to the rest of the world, but your phone is the most personal device you own.

And replacing it is a costly nuisance. In the event your phone goes missing, don't panic! There are tools built into every Android phone that make it possible to lock and track down a lost phone with ease. But first you'll need to take some steps now to set yourself up for success if and when your phone does go missing -- even if you only left it in the house.

Pixel 4 - Wikipedia

Do yourself a favor and turn on passcode and fingerprint authentication. Do yourself another favor and don't use facial recognition on your Android device. On most Android devices, the technology used for facial recognition can be easily tricked with something as simple as a photo of your face.

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Next, create your passcode and set up fingerprint authentication in the Settings app under the Security section. I realize scanning a fingerprint or entering a PIN code every time you want to use your phone can be inconvenient, but the idea of someone having access to your photos, banking apps, email and the rest of your personal info is downright scary. An extra step to unlock your phone is worth the effort when you consider the potential impact of exposing your personal info to a stranger. Find My Device is what you'll use should your phone ever go missing to track, remotely lock and remotely erase it.

If you've signed in to your Samsung account on a Galaxy phone, you should be good to go. However, it's a good idea to double-check. Not only does it give you a backup service you can use to track down a lost phone, but it also gives you tools that Find My Device doesn't have. With Samsung's service, you can do things like force remote backups or see if someone has swapped out your SIM card. You must have a Samsung account to use Find My Mobile.

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