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Most, if not all telephone companies keep record which antennas their subscribers connect to. These records allow a device to be traced to the tower it is on. Based on the physical location of the antenna, a rough estimate of the phone's actual location can be given. Records kept about phones connecting to antennas, allows a device to be traced to the tower it is on, and based on the physical location of the antenna, a rough estimate can be given and then the cell phone location triangulated off of multiple surrounding towers.

Due to the number of towers this is easier in urban areas. Obviously, this information is not available to the public, but, can be used by law enforcement to give a fairly accurate estimate of a phone's last physical location. There are many tracking services and applications available for almost any type of mobile phone out there. Most of these are applications to be downloaded and installed onto phones, to periodically submit the phone location onto the internet. These services would only allow you to observe the whereabouts of the mobile device as long as their mobile application is installed onto the device, an internet connection is available, the battery has not run empty, and the device has not been switched off.

For people looking to find their lost or stolen mobile handset, these tracking-applications are not worth looking into.

Mobile phone tracker Samsung Galaxy A3

Sad but true; What you see in movies can not be done in real life. There simply is no way to find a mobile device by entering it's phone number or IMEI number. If that were possible, that would be an enormous privacy issue to any person carrying a phone. So, what truth lies behind all this? And, how does the police do this? To place a call or use the internet on a cellular device, it uses radio signals to communicate with antennas operated by a telephone company.

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If you were driving along a road, your mobile phone would constantly look for antennas along your route and would constantly keep connecting to the closest available antennas. Most telephone companies keep record of the antennas their subscribers connect to. This allows the device to be traced to the tower it is on, and then the cell phone location triangulated off of multiple surrounding towers. To prevent any damage another person could do to you while in posession of your handheld device, it is a good idea to change all passwords.

To most people the terms tracking and tracing are considered to be the same. Connectivity see all. Features see all. Bluetooth Enabled.

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    A3 - GPS/Location inaccuracy

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    No preference. Condition see all. And it stays this way while running: it moves forward, but still several meters off track. But then when I stop and close runtastic, the Google maps location suddenly jumps back on track where I currently am. I was able to reproduce this twice already, and next I will test with a different running app.

    Still, a weird problem that started appearing only with the a3. Join Date: Joined: Dec Same problem on A5 Hello, any conclusion on this? It seems I have the same problem on my A5 Was it Runtastic? Regards, Laszlo. Unfortunately not. I tried different apps, and also hoped the latest software update would improve the situation, but it's still the same. Probably hardware related, but I don't want to send it in.

    Thanks Meter : 1. I have a5 and the same error. I use Sporttracker a long time for running and in the A5 it is tracks innacurate. There is even innacurate speed and distance. I am dissapointed because my old S4 and even S2 were accurate! I will try gps without wifi and mobile network,only Gps signal,but I think that it is very big bug in Samsung galaxy A5 !!

    Do you have any solution for this bug? Thanks Meter : 8. I don't use any "sports tracking apps" but my a3 is very accurate - outside building I seem to get accuracy within 1 meter or less of real position.

    Samsung Galaxy A3 Black Mobile Phones with 16 GB for sale | eBay

    Further more I seem to be getting fixes in places where my old phone or my peers phones cant even dream of getting one. Could be different FW, maybe gps module differs between revisions?

    How-To locate your Samsung Galaxy A7 if lost or stolen

    What do seem to be rather noisy cant compare to other devices is magnetometer, perhaps your apps are using it for some data fusion? Accuracy vs. Hello, I agree, that the static accuracy and fix speed is not an issue. It can fix quickly even indoors.