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It doesn't bother me.

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Get used to it. The same people that have an issue have a smart home. Google is a crime syndicate. They call it location "service" while they steal my location. A service is something they do for ME, not for themselves.

Location tracking

I use a VPN much of the time so their tracking leads to confusion by promoting businesses in Jersey or California or where ever I define to virtually be. Another stupidity of tracking my location is happening when I look for a gasoline station while my partner is driving. I get stations that I passed before.

It seems the program designers never use their programs themselves or run a usability test. You could also download a Fake GPS and keep a single location on, preferably a few kms away from your house. I've turned off tracking for a long time and turned off all of Google's history for all settings.

GPS Location Settings - Android | Verizon

And this work fine. Yes I allow maps to use the GPS, but not tracking of data. App by app I turn it off as well. No mate, the location services are part of Google play services and they are protected services which automatically restart if you force close them. They run constantly, regardless of your choices for the location settings you can see. Check yourself: turn on developer options, go to 'view and control running services ' - Choose Google play services and you'll find multiple location services you can't stop, can't opt out of etc. Regardless of that, Google got fined lots a few years back for secretly compiling lists of all WiFi networks the Street View camera cars could sniff out as they drove along virtually every accessible road in the civilised world.

By referencing these lists, they can calculate your location any time WiFi is enabled on your phone. Just to be sure, they even hid another option allowing Google to scan for WiFi networks at any time, even when your WiFi is turned off. Bear in mind that your connection to local cell towers ie your phone connection , the strength of the connection and the fact all phones constantly search for the 2 or strongest cell tower signals it can find, so it lt can automatically connect you to the next best alternative as you move around the world, theoretically making sure you get the strongest possible signal at all times.

They know where all the cell towers are. To be connected to any one cell tower means you must be close to it. Add the signal strength data from the 'next best alternative' cell tower to the data from the cell you're connected to, and your location can easily be triangulated to a very high degree of precision. These are just backdoors into tracking your location, they stem from native features of all mobile connectable technology.

Some search engines, like Google, see where you are from your IP address , and then redirect you to a local version of their search engine. If you're in Germany and you type in Google. And the websites you visit are usually stored in your browser history unless you have disabled this function, or clear your browser history regularly. Anyone who has access to your computer or your browser. If you have location information on your phone turned on for pictures, this information will get embedded in the picture ie, the picture's metadata will include where you took the picture.

When you send or upload these pictures you can share your location data without thinking about it. She hadn't requested this, and hadn't notified Google that she was going on holiday. But she didn't need to. Google's algorithms could pick up the break in routine, and take an obvious guess that she was on holiday. Google's algorithms could have also identified locations using machine vision to match key landmarks.

By the end of the trip - despite the fact that Jean's phone was actually off most of the time - Google was able to pull together enough information to organize her photos in a location timeline. See how you're being tracked in your browser. Control your data: Simple how-to's.

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  • Tactical Tech's Me and My Shadow project helps you control your data traces, see how you're being tracked, and find out more about the data industry. Credits Data Use Policy. Email: myshadow tacticaltech. Sign up to our monthly newsletter-magazine, In the Loop Security in-a-box: Tools and tactics for your digital security. About Tracking See it for yourself. Location tracking Location tracking gives a very detailed picture of who we are, where we go and who we spend time with.

    Last Updated: 15 Feb The spies in our pockets Your devices - computers, mobile phones, and tablets - are constantly telling others where you are. Location data tells a detailed story Location information collected over time can tell a surprisingly full story about who you are and what your life looks like.

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    Read more here Social Graph mapping Location data can also be used to map out your relationships with others. Mobile phone towers and your phone Mobile phone towers To send and receive calls and messages, your phone must constantly communicate with mobile phone towers. See your location logs Unless you've already turned off location services or frequent locations, your phone is probably logging your location on the device itself. Wifi history There are two main ways your phone can give away location information when Wifi is enabled.

    You can check your IP address here. See your recorded locations Some services, like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook, record your location data in a way that you can access. See your public location data The website Please Rob Me shows you a stream of your location data, as shared via Twitter, Foursquare etc, so you might think harder next time you're tempted to announce this information.

    Read Next See how you're being tracked in your browser. About Tactical Tech's Me and My Shadow project helps you control your data traces, see how you're being tracked, and find out more about the data industry. Contact us Email: myshadow tacticaltech.

    You can open Google Maps or a similar app to see if your location is now updated. It may take a few moments for your faked location to appear on other people's phones. Connect your iPhone to your computer and install iTools on your computer. Launch iTools and click the Virtual Location button.

    At the top of the map, type in the location you want to fake and press Enter. On a map, you'll see your GPS location move to the faked location. Click Move Here. You can click the map to change your location if you like. You can exit iTools and disconnect your iPhone from the computer. If the program prompts you to stop location simulation, be sure to select No. Hot to play hooky? Keep in mind that faking your GPS signal isn't always a foolproof way to throw people off your tracks.

    If someone like your parents pays for a service that tracks your phone through your service provider, GPS apps like the ones we mentioned won't hide your true location. How Location Tracking Works. Why do GPS systems give wrong directions?