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So if one doesnot works for you try the other method. First method requires you to have your primary account details, the one you used to set up your phone. You can use this service to locate lost Galaxy Alpha if you have ever used any Samsung Service on your phone like Galaxy Games.

First, We will cover a service that is present in every Android device. It allows you to perform number of functions on your phone remotely. It has a limitation that your phone must be connected to the internet in order to locate it. It also lets you perform number of other features on your phone remotely.

In the case where your device is stolen.

The lock option automatically generates a new passcode and locks your device so if your device is with someone who actually knows the passcode, the person still wont be able to get inside of it. The erase option lets you factory wipe your entire data in case you are worried about your private data falling into the wrong hands. This option can be used in a case: when your device is on silent and you forgot where you put it. So instead of tearing the entire place upside down just to find your lost Galaxy Alpha, you can now always log in to Android Find my device and ring your device.

Choosing to ring will ring your device for 5 minutes at the maximum volume.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Premium Refurbished (12 Months Warranty)

If this method did not help you to locate lost Galaxy Alpha. In order to use Samsung find my mobile, you will have to have Samsung account. It has number of useful features which are as below:. That is all from our side. There are number of apps present in the play store which allows you to track location of your lost phone using SMS service.

Those apps have to be preinstalled on your phone before it is lost. I know the pain of losing a smartphone, as it has all the memories. For the moment there hasn't been any word on when we should expect to see the Galaxy A3 released, but given how universally popular the device has been we shouldn't be kept waiting too long. We'll keep an eye on the situation and keep you posted.

Since the fiery demise of the Galaxy Note 7 , Samsung has been out to win back its customers, so Samsung needs to be innovative and offer something different. On the back, the lens of the camera sits discreetly within the casing. Equally interesting: thanks to its IP68 certification the smartphone is now waterproof, just like the S7.

Overall, the screen has the same technical configuration as its predecessor. As usual, we find a 4. Certainly, this does necessarily enhance your overall experience, but it's always nice to watch. The Galaxy A3 runs with Android 6. I must admit I have never been a very big fan of Samsung, especially since the older versions especially the Galaxy S5 were weighed down with a poor software interface.

Samsung Galaxy A3 details

Since introducing the Galaxy S6 , Samsung has clearly gone out of their way to improve things and the interface is now nice and functional. The same can be said for the A3, but it will be necessary for us to carry out a complete test to see how the different functionalities work in action. A good example here will be the blue light filter. Naturally, there is still a lot of bloatware. This is a mid-range chip, as you can imagine: the eight Cortex-A53 cores are clocked at a frequency of 1.

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This should be more than enough for a standard user who doesn't spend too much time on their phone, i. In reality, this is a little disappointing since the device offers only 9. There has been something in the way of a change, as the selfie camera has gone up from 5 MP to 8 MP resolution. It will take a more complete test of the camera to see what it's made of, so we'll do our best to fill in that information gap.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Specifications

On paper, we noticed that there's only a small increase in battery capacity: we go from 2, to 2, mAh. Don't immediately assume that this will charge the device with lightening speed, as this will depend on which USB version Samsung decides to include and this information has yet to be communicated by the company. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Lock Status see all. Network Unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Grade A

Factory Unlocked. Not Specified. Colour see all. Network see all. Brand see all. Samsung Filter Applied.

Two Ways to Track A Samsung Phone?

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