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Learn how to find your phone with your watch.

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Malware found preinstalled on some Alcatel smartphones

Send feedback on Help Center Community. Find your Android device Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device. Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device If you lose an Android phone or tablet, or Wear OS watch, you can find, lock, or erase it. Go to android. If you have more than one phone, click the lost phone at the top of the screen.

Get your savings sorted. Take control of your money with the all-new Finder app. Now available for free for iOS and Android. It's your new way to save, sorted. It does more than tell the time, it's capable of making phone calls and has app functions. At the same time, it's in a specific niche of devices marketed at parents who may be understandably nervous about sending their children off to school — or maybe just down to the shops — but who don't want to provide them with a feature phone or smartphone.

Parents are going to be the buyers for this device, because it's hard to see any kid requesting one over a more fully flexible smartphone. It's clearly designed to be attractive and "fun" for younger kids, even if it does feel like something of an 80s throwback in pure design terms. It's also intended to be simple for its target market, so the watch itself only has two buttons.

One controls power, and the other acts as a general back button if tapped, or an SOS alert if held down. The basic design is fine, if a little cheap feeling, but it does have an impact on its general level of comfort.

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Passing it through to my kids and wife, they all found that it was fine for shorter wearing periods, but the rather cheap plastic construction meant that it wasn't always comfortable to wear on hotter days. That does raise the prospect of your kid taking it off because it's not comfortable — at which point it could well be lost, and you've also lost its tracking abilities.

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You're then prompted to enter your child's details, including their gender and date of birth. If you're already concerned about your child's security and privacy, it feels a little creepy, to be honest. There's no SIM tray, so this can be a little fiddly. Once installed, the watch primarily acts as — shock — a watch, with calling and tracking features that only kick in when requested.

I only had the one, so I wasn't able to test that functionality, but in theory you should be able to bump two together to get them to share details over Bluetooth.

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  7. It's a smart enough step, because it means that someone couldn't spoof a message and perhaps lead your child astray. On the voice side, you can either start a full call, or send short voice messages. The shorter voice messages function does work, but it's not sending to an actual voicemail inbox.

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    Instead it's controlled via the TCL Move app, which means if you don't have notifications enabled on your iOS or Android phone for it, you could miss a message. It's also not super-clear to the wearer that a message has successfully gone through. The story from the parent side is a little more complex, because this isn't a smartwatch that's just intended to allow your child to call you or send you smiley faces. It's also enabled as a full tracking device, so you can check where your child is at any given time.

    There's a whole separate argument around surveillance and trust that comes into play here, and I've got my own opinions there, but I think it's fair to say that anyone looking to buy a tracking watch is already conceptually fine with it. When you fire up the TCL Move app, it naturally enough takes a few seconds to get a lock on where the watch is. I would show you that via screenshots, but the app specifically prohibits that.

    That's a smart step too, because again you wouldn't want somebody creating a map of your child's movements if there are any bugs in the software — or even if it's as simple as your own phone being stolen. The issue here is that 3G network only triangulation has its definite limits, especially indoors. Often it would totally lose track of where the watch was, and sometimes it jumped it radically off track.

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    There's no way to tell absolutely, but I suspect it was busy jumping between network towers at the time, and the combination of a lack of GPS signal and that move confused it too much. Obviously that'll depend on the safe zones you set and how well the watch can see the GPS satellites as a result.

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    However, there's no supplied charger, so you'll need to use your existing phone charger or a spare laptop port to give it extra juice. It feels like a pity that it doesn't recharge via micro USB or USB C, because if you do lose or break the charging cable you're going to pretty quickly end up with a dead smartwatch. Battery life will naturally vary depending on your usage of the watch, but I've generally found it to last around 2 days before absolutely requiring a recharge.

    The use of 3G networks and the limited feature set does mean your child's not super-likely to use it constantly, and that almost certainly contributes to the battery life being what it is. Personally speaking, I'm not super in favour of the whole tracking kids argument, but. However, smartphones now have become very cheap nowadays. With the GPS technology that are embedded in the smartphones, it might be wise to purchase a smartphone instead of a non-smartphone so that you can track it if you lost it somehow.

    Read here on our previous article on how you can track a lost phone using the applications in the smartphone. I have lost my blackberry mobile IMEI please help me If found than please contact to Kuldeepkumar80 gmail. I lost my mobile on 18 jan around 11 pm near lost on kishngarh bus stand dist ajmer Rajesthan. Plg mera mobile kho gya h modal nu IM E I number Probably dead service is turned off. Looks tattered because it got ran over.