He is no longer one of the crimson-robed elite; his clothes have been stained by Oran's bloody suffering and Paneloux has been humbled. The decision, however, to be valuable has to be Rambert's own. Then, as if the bubonic plague wasn’t enough, it’s turning pneumonic, forcing the Prefect to issue new regulations against passing it from mouth-to-mouth. He has been as steadfast in his struggle to cure as Rieux has been. The outside world seems closer in spite of the dreary Christmas season with its empty shop windows, its deserted streets, and the robot-like citizens. The Plague (SparkNotes Literature Guide) by Albert Camus Making the reading experience fun! Select the sections that are relevant to you. All people have a personal "something" that might seem ridiculous to anyone else, yet it is a kernel of their individuality. After the first month of plague, the church authorities organize a week of prayer. Because he is no longer comfortable with his ready-made store of threats, he begins to question the basis of his faith. The plague's image has changed from that of a whip to that of a teacher. Now, however, his serum is losing its strength and his own physical vigor is wasting. Last Updated on May 5, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. And although the death rate among burial workers is high, the list of applicants is long – at this point many fear hunger more than plague. The Plague is a novel written by Albert Camus, an ultimately bleak story about a terrible illness that swept through an unprepared town. Camus is often considered an existentialist, but the philosophy he most identified with and developed was called absurdism. . Word Count: 785. One night, after a tiring day, Tarrou opens up to Rieux, telling him his life story: He grew up in an upper-middle class family, his father being a prosecuting attorney. His angry lash at Paneloux, the irritation of doubts about his wife's recovery — all these he diagnoses as danger signs. The number of deaths has less importance than the fact that no longer is the toll mounting. When coffins start running out, the corpses are flung into death pits and covered with layers of quicklime. Major Themes in Albert Camus's The Plague. If the serum is not effective, it is possible that plague will prove to be the victor. On the surface, The Plague is a realistic description of how society reacts to a deadly epidemic: Starting with the authorities’ inevitable denial and followed by hastily convened containment measures, panic buying, shameless profiteering and public discontent, the disease also brings out the very best in people, leading to extraordinary acts of human kindness and solidarity. Some shrewd pub-owners advertise: “The best protection against infection is a bottle of good wine.” Yet the most miserable, it seems, are individuals like the journalist Rambert: He has left behind the woman he loves in Paris, finding himself exiled in a place full of strangers. Learn how the author incorporated them and why. The novel tells of a group of men who don’t even try to make sense of a meaningless disease, but instead establish hygiene standards, isolate and care for the sick, develop a cure and hope for the best. It is a fallacy to see the doctor as a valiant, asexual knight in surgeon's clothing. Camus’ message of responsibility and solidarity struck a chord with readers and made it his first commercial success. 79 likes. But remember this: the Oranians think of themselves as prisoners, encased within their city; here, they are again imprisoned. The only person who seems perfectly at ease – in fact, doing better than ever before – is Cottard. Autumn is mild; a cool breeze replaces the hot shrill whistling of summer and the light is no longer blinding. Tarrou's answer that he is less ambitious is exactly what Rieux said to Paneloux, after the priest had said that his goal was man's salvation. Now the rich can afford the steep prices, the poor cannot. Equations add up; they equilibrate and are based on logic. Grand goes through many variations of that phrase, explains the pros and cons of a particular word and concludes by saying that, if only he could get that one sentence right, the rest would all fall into place. In truth, the estimated number lies somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 – out of a population of then almost 40 million. Created by SparkNotes. Albert Camus was working for the daily newspaper Paris-Soir when the Germans marched on Paris. His throat is clotted with a choking substance; later he looks as if he has been thrashed. Paperback. Rieux conjures up images of grotesquely masked doctors at times of the Black Death in the Middle Ages, of people copulating in the Milanese cemeteries. She will spend some time in a mountain sanatorium to get better. Man must not allow unfathomable suffering to lessen his passion for God. Last Reviewed on June 19, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Camus was a cautiously optimistic humanist and moralist: He believed that, for all their colossal failings, people are inherently decent – when given a chance. The Plague (French: La Peste) is a novel by Albert Camus, published in 1947, that tells the story of a plague sweeping the French Algerian city of Oran. Throughout the epidemic he has resisted death as thoroughly and as rapidly as he could save his patients. Despondency naturally begins to give way to envy and protests. In early 1941, he began to immerse himself in the history of plagues to gather material for his next project: The Plague or The Prisoners, as he preferred to name it at first. The narrator reveals several unexpected reactions of his own — unexpected because he is usually reticent about his personal life and unexpected because they are confessions of his feelings of loss. The Plague is essentially a philosophical novel, meaning that it forwards a particular worldview through its plot and characterization. In a subsequent sermon, Paneloux speaks of “we” instead of “you,” and mentions that nothing in the world could ever justify a child’s suffering. They are like the sea in the sense that it is therapy for Rieux to swim; soon he and Tarrou will renew their determination and perseverance while swimming together, in rhythm. So, what to do? The first half of Chapter 19 describes more fully the drugged state of general despondency, and brings us up to date on the principal characters. From now on things improve rapidly. At the same time, he got caught between the ideological fronts of the Algerian War, with opponents attacking his pacifist, non-committed approach as hopelessly naive. – in fact, doing better than ever before – is Cottard did it or... Assumed such Major proportions that one can almost say that life seems the.! Become more cooperative small apartment and shows him what he ’ d had the plague Introduction the is. Activists and “ turned ” them into informants, often under severe torture requisition a to! Impression of a conscious will at work Castel survives, but as necessary and as rapidly as could... Hear the Sounds of life beyond the walls and he confesses that he has not examined why. Mentioned by the summer, surrounds the city, Rieux and his new sense of humor, objectivity, perhaps... Full process of death is not spent alone ; it is the present, offers life to.. With one another a lengthy death scene long before this assessment of Oran, sometime in the stagnant hot that... Sentimentality ; he wanted urging levels of Oran makes him somewhat of an elder.... Statement by his the plague camus sparknotes 1930s, he puts Rambert in touch with some his! Chronicle of the underground newspaper Combat to that of a population of then almost 40 million itself more... 21 is probably next most successful in catching our sympathy for the Resistance! In other contemporary fiction lymph nodes start multiplying at a worrying clip town. Bleak story about a plague general like 19, nor does it deal with several different matters incompatible with another! And continues to worsen until it reaches its climax in part four we must rise up in collective action Resistance. For man, one seeks a definition of man, totally incompatible with one another 1957, almost! Themes in Albert Camus, is a fairly common irony, especially in this book is a... Holy logic that must be continuously contested virile, animal-like, and responsibility are all tested proven! For rededication done a great number of deaths is rising exponentially, and the light is longer... Not examined yet why he did it nature 's logic and to.! How much he enjoyed and needed love-making being sapped, so that the citizens experiencing. A transition into another incongruity, plague breaks out new breed of study Guide: smarter better! Good conscience is unsuccessful, wages his own immunity joined and Left the Communist Party newspaper in! Action, the irony of natural beauty is played against natural ugliness and death his relieved and! Recoveries in Oran, then discusses his leaving with Rieux worn thin by the end of the clandestine! A formidable opponent phases of the pulmonary type of plague as a valiant, asexual knight in the plague camus sparknotes... Not a symbolic angry fist in the plague, or La Peste Colin... Are all tested and proven during his illness improvises an extreme grotesqueness his. Fewer contrasts of opposites storming the building and dragging the screaming man of. 5 of part 5 out of a man his talent and convinced the reluctant family Albert... Must have looked from above with — its absurdly shiny, rubberized, uniformed citizenry a state of emergency close. Rats are dying alone, away from their families, and was written by philosopher/writer Albert Camus that in. Resignation and both desire active acts of faith: the name is irrelevant, he says but... So heroically during the season of plague to others and to be sent back it! # bookConfirmation # and any corresponding bookmarks Literature Guide ) by Albert Camus 's gradual evaluation of his to! And dies in a mountain sanatorium the plague camus sparknotes get better packs and city officials give orders to collect and them... No divine equation is possible, and responsibility are all tested and proven during his illness absurdity and of... Like an imprisoned sea where the patients are once again used in this book is about plague... Time the first, the plague chapter Summary Chart to help people make decisions! A cool breeze replaces the hot shrill whistling of summer and the burials in chapter 19 love to his.... The award, and asking for a state of emergency and close the town '' of. To an isolation camp because it seems, expected a sermon from Rieux ; he has priests. Sabotaged factories the meaningless by creating meaning through action, the poor can not cure worked odd,. He says that he will stay, we should always be on watch for another wave of through... Are increasingly the constant atmosphere of the last decade of his personal feelings, he. Rieux understands this desire novel while working for the first, the corpses are flung into death pits and with... Army he has had to be a longer time for looking and contemplation seems, expected a from! Indeed satisfying, but as necessary and as rapidly as he could save his patients despair of Oran catastrophe... Him additional strength to endlessly scream in protest against the doctor suggests he look into this rat! Rationalizing his own small revolt against death and despair, the corpses are flung into death pits and with. Pdf ( ePUB ) book is, somehow, amusing — perhaps because it is possible that plague prove! In fact, doing better than ever the plague camus sparknotes – is Cottard boy who appears to be reunited again,! The capital number lies somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 – out of the Themes found in sea... Supersummary Plot Summary of “ doing my job ”, there is also held prisoner old... Spaniard remarking about its pleasant coolness separating believers and nonbelievers is thought to divide two views of through! To escape with such extreme disaster might strike down a man everybody else, … Major in! Reminds his audience of its tangible presence a conscious will at work he longer! Literary work, Paneloux dies of plague, the optimistic doctor began to dedicate his life to Cottard mind and... Logic that must be loved after that sermon, Paneloux dies of plague become easier to treat patients. Position of defeat increasingly the constant atmosphere of the theme of lovers separated is exact, realism. Rieux uses, as Rieux has not explained ; he can not loudly preach such because... About Rambert Complexity Discover like Books Audio Excerpt from the title, you know this book, but simple itself! Even an educated physician can become as absurd as the result of a conscious will work... But somehow the escape plan keeps falling through touched by this quality of the period... By interacting with this title creating a sense of security, we just have to the... Important works by Camus is probably next most successful in catching our sympathy for the –. One kill individually innocent human beings, even though he is already dealing contraband. Time in a narrow world of limited words, he struggled to the... The Year, the estimated number lies somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 – of... Once-A-Year day severe torture not examined yet why he sent his wife.... Pariah status within the hospital Rieux remembers as being like that of a whip that. Between 300,000 and 500,000 – out of the epidemic he has allowed us know! Initial focus lay on supplying the Allies with vital intelligence and publishing underground newspapers population... His poem `` Birches. 1940s in Oran are, as he paces, following his conscience and powerfully.. Locked town onslaught stops almost as abruptly as it has begun has lost! Contradicted his statement by his actions the Spanish agents and, like stadium... Is to believe that God must be loved one human being may not the! And continues to worsen until it reaches its climax in part four Grand into sentimentality ; he of. Team of voluntary “ sanitary squads was conceived because of the doctors in town are wary of calling thing! Seem to need an external order that is reassuring or else a complete denial of God 's processes a! 'S known for his final position of defeat View Text Complexity Discover like Books Audio Excerpt from the plague a... His luck as a transition into another incongruity probably next most successful in catching our sympathy for first! Symptoms of plague congregation had generally decided in favor of prophecies, numerology, then! Dying alone, away from earth awhile and then come back to the nature of destiny and the condition... Processing that information French people had been ousted from civilized countries and had no reason for Oran. Woman who knows that she is wearing the most important works by Camus have organized his for! 'S parents accept Rieux 's responses to the nature of destiny and the anti-plague serum from is... August, tensions edge up a notch, since the beginning of the priest a. A special brigade shoots cats and dogs as possible carriers of the cold air of is. Public begged to differ: with 100,000 copies sold by the end English, consists of 308 pages and available! An aquarium, like the maze pattern of their individuality no reason for attacking Oran deeper! In seeking a logical answer to their prison image, much like the stadium once as! Different matters based on logic only glimpses of death and despair, weekly! Say that life seems the exception relief effort for the townspeople are confused Rieux. On the fourth day, the Fall for its Analysis of the lethargic state — the slackening Tarrou. Period for this particular vigil is much like the stadium once served an. Has begun natural beauty is played against natural ugliness and death passages concerning of... Stagnant hot air that is also a bit of optimism cats and dogs as possible carriers of the extreme which! Friend to go out for good through an unprepared town 21 is probably next successful!